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Your support is vital to ensure the MND Association can continue to be there to help people whose lives are affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Your gift can help provide the essential services people with MND rely on every day, or even fund research projects to bring hope for a future without MND. You can make a difference, thank you for helping today.

If you wish to make a donation, however small you can either make by going to our Just giving page at or please make your cheque, voucher or postal order donations payable to MND Association- Cheshire Branch, and contact a member of the Committe identified on the Contacts page.

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     Fund Raising Events - For a selection of local fund raising events please see below:

 Stories included are:

  • Knutsford Rotary Charity Golf Day
  • Hairathon
  • Chester Races Exit Gate Collection - Neigh problem
  • Booths Supermarket Collection Day

Knutsford Rotary Charity Golf Day

By Hal Bailey

The Rotary Club of Knutsford once again held their Charity Golf Day at Bramall Park Golf Club on Tuesday 7th June and nominated The Cheshire Branch of the MND Association as the charity of the day.

There were 16 teams with 4 in each team taking part with names ranging from The Notorieties to the Knutsford
Swingers; the format of the day was a Stableford team event with the two best scores to count on each hole. The first tee off time was at 12.30 with both the 1st and 10th tees being used. The starters on the 1st tee were Margaret and myself with Mike Coleman acting as the starter on the 10th tee.

In the evening the ‘starters’ were joined by Joel Millett, the chair of the branch, for a lovely meal served by the golf club staff. Immediately after the meal, Bill Ogley he President of the Rotary Club presented me with a cheque for £900.00 which had been raised on the day. He then explained why they had chosen the MND Association as the charity of the day. A member of the Rotary Club, Colin Radley, had passed away recently after living with MND for a very short time.

Bill Ogley then introduced Joel Millett who gave a brief update on how the branch helps people living with MND and their carers in Cheshire. I then followed, with the help of my iPad, and briefly explained effects of MND together with some statistics. Then explained what MND means to me, M = muscles that you lose, N = nerves that die and D = dignity that is taken away from you.

This was followed by the prize giving, the first prize awarded was nearest the pin and this was went to Mr Jonathon Cooke, and on his way to collect his prize he picked up an empty water jug and put a monetary note inside and started an impromptu table collection which raised a further £390.00. The winner’s prize went to Team KPMG, while one of their members took the longest drive prize as well.

Amazing all prize winners donated their prize money to the branch, which added a further £325.00 making a total for the day a fabulous £1,615.00

The Branch wishes to thank all those who helped to make the day a success, particularly the Rotary Club for nominating the Association and to Mr Jonathon Cooke for instigating the impromptu table collection.


By Margaret Bailey

The owners and staff at RED hair salon in Lymm held a Hairathon on Sunday 1 May to raise funds and awareness of MND.

One of the owner’s friends has a son living with this condition and Roy, Kerrie and Chloe, ably assisted by Susie, offered wash and blow dry all day from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm for a suggested donation of £5 per person.

In addition raffle tickets were sold by Katie and Ebony.

They were kept busy all day and were thrilled to learn they had raised £1737.63 which included a cheque from Lymm Round Table amounting to £250.

Chester Races Exit Gate Collection at short notice - Neigh problem!

By Lorraine Hollis

Since the Charity Quiz Night in November I’ve had my blinkers on; on the fundraising front and the months have been racing by without any plans.

That came to a swift halt when, with less than 48 hours to reach a decision, I was offered an exit gate collection at Chester Racecourse after another charity had sadly fallen at the first fence. The time to kick back and relax was over and I had to see if I could find enough backers to make the most of this wonderful opportunity. Fortunately, I have good family and friends who would go any distance to secure enough volunteers to lend a hand and help me raise a guinea or two.

The weather forecast was for a sunny day, which meant we’d safely jumped our first hurdle. We arrived at the Racecourse in good form wearing colours which identified us as MNDA collectors and were soon jockey-ing for position to ensure there was no handicap to raising a fair to good amount.

Well, I’m pleased to say we hit the jackpot and raised a massive £2,603.60 on the nose, sharing the total equally between joint favourites the Cheshire and Clwyd branches making it a dead heat for the winners. Although a few volunteers were under orders to leave before the photo finish the remainder suitably lined up to smile for the camera.

Booths Supermarket Collection Day

By Margaret Bailey

For the fourth year we have again had a very successful collection day at Booths Supermarket in Knutsford on 23rd January which raised a fabulous £648.95p

Our thanks go to Booths, the shoppers who donated, and all those who helped on the day.