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A beautiful poem written by one of our members, Joan Nicholles

Two years (This is me!)

What is this life if full of woe

I’ve lost the ability to get up and go

I sit in my chair and watch and stare

As the people pass by without a care


I go out on my scooter that’s bright and gleaming

And wave to the folks to share a greeting

We go down to the Rec and along the canal

When the weather is bright to boost my moral


The Middlewood Way is long and straight

But that suits me fine as there isn’t a gate

We take a coffee and find a bench

Then sit and talk over the day’s events


White Nancy stands high on Kerridge Hill

And I think back to the days when I climbed for the thrill

But then I think what have I got now

My family, my friends and a man called Al


I’m feeling strong as I look out at the view

And look to the future like all of you

This MND I have is cruel

But I will fight and it will not rule


By Joan Nicholles

26th January 2021

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