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Chester Races Exit Gate Collection at short notice – Neigh problem!

Since the Charity Quiz Night in November I’ve had my blinkers on; on the fundraising front and the months have been racing by without any plans.

That came to a swift halt when, with less than 48 hours to reach a decision, I was offered an exit gate collection at Chester Racecourse after another charity had sadly fallen at the first fence. The time to kick back and relax was over and I had to see if I could find enough backers to make the most of this wonderful opportunity. Fortunately, I have good family and friends who would go any distance to secure enough volunteers to lend a hand and help me raise a guinea or two.

The weather forecast was for a sunny day, which meant we’d safely jumped our first hurdle. We arrived at the Racecourse in good form wearing colours which identified us as MNDA collectors and were soon jockey-ing for position to ensure there was no handicap to raising a fair to good amount.

Well, I’m pleased to say we hit the jackpot and raised a massive £2,603.60 on the nose, sharing the total equally between joint favourites the Cheshire and Clwyd branches making it a dead heat for the winners. Although a few volunteers were under orders to leave before the photo finish the remainder suitably lined up to smile for the camera.

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